Tax Dispute Resolution

Where there is taxation based on complex legislation there is scope for lack of clarity and different interpretations.  Unfortunately, this can give rise to disputes with the fiscal authorities.

We offer a broad range of services which have the objective of resolving contentious tax issues by negotiation with the fiscal authorities.  These services include dispute resolution in relation to audits, enquiries and investigations conducted by all of the HM  Revenue & Customs agencies, including inter-alia:- Specialist Investigations (including the Contractual Disclosure Facility, Code of Practice 9), Special Investigations Section, International Division, Large Business Office, Centre for Non-Residents, Complex Personal Return Unit, PAYE Audit and Local Area Offices, Criminal Investigations, and Local Offices. We also advise on the scope and use of HMRC Information Powers.

We assist large corporations to bring their affairs up-to-date with the Fiscal Authorities where there are disputes involving complex technical or compliance issues which have fallen into arrear.

Where a negotiated resolution of a dispute is not possible, we are experienced in civil tax litigation representing clients in the Tax Tribunal. We are also experienced in providing support to Lawyers as Expert Advisers and/or Expert Witnesses in cases involving Civil and Criminal Litigation.

Our clients in recent years have included inter-alia, Multi-National groups of Companies, Fast Track Private Companies, FTSE Directors, High Net worth Individuals, Sporting and Media Personalities and UK Non domiciled or Non-resident individuals.

We have established excellent working relationships with specialist Solicitors, Barristers and other professionals. We guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality in all our client relationships to the extent permitted by law.