Graeme Fisher

Tel: – 01438 940903

Graeme is a tax specialist with over 40 years’ experience in this work. He is a consultant to the firm’s London and Manchester offices specialising in the resolution of tax disputes.

In a 42 year Inland Revenue career he was a District Inspector of Taxes, advised Government Ministers on proposed legislative changes to capital gains tax, corporation tax and petroleum revenue tax, he set up the Inland Revenue’s first computerised assessment system for corporate taxes and was a Group Controller in charge of 25 tax offices with 1800 staff . From 1989 to 2003 he was a Case Director in the Inland Revenue Large Business Office and has extensive experience in leading teams dealing with the tax affairs of large multinational companies including complex international tax planning, transfer pricing, investigation and technical issues. He was responsible for setting up the Large Business Office Media Specialist Sector which involved several visits to overseas fiscal authorities to study their arrangements and establish best working practice. He also had responsibility for the tax affairs of the Large Partnership Sector including all the top legal and accountancy firms in the UK.

Graeme has led much of the work in the Inland Revenue in the last 10 years on devising a risk based approach to the tax audit of large multinational groups of companies and to developing arrangements for resolving tax issues in real time so that company groups can have certainty as to the tax consequences of their transactions. He has an intimate knowledge of how such an approach is operated in practice by the Inland Revenue.

Since leaving the Inland Revenue in 2003 Graeme has advised a number of large corporate clients on tax risk areas and represented clients in major tax investigations conducted by both H M Revenue & Customs Specialist Investigations and Large Business Office.